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Monday, May 23, 2011

Review If God, Why Evil

If God,Why Evil? by Dr. Norman Geisler is a book about evil and God. Let me begin by saying I had a very different view of God and evil before reading this book. I viewed Him as a God of not being good all the time because of everything that goes on in life (hurting people, sickness, wars, abortion, death, etc…). Now my views include: God is love, God is just, God is good, God is perfect etc…

Also, I somehow believed that God created evil which is totally wrong. God is good so that means he cannot create evil. God gave the angels as well as humans a free will so satan choose his evil doings on his own. And this caused a great downward effect on this universe. I know God can fix it but we have to be patient with His timing.

This book will totally change your view of God and evil. Dr Geisler breaks down some complex topics to simple and direct terms. Great book to keep in your library.

Bethany House gave me this book free.

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